Data Retention Policy

Our GDPR Statement of Compliance

Aggregates ‘R’ Us recognises that the effective management of its data and records is necessary to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations and contributes positively to the overall management of the business. This document provides the policy framework through which this effective management can be achieved and audited.

Scope of the Policy


Relationship with Existing Policies

This policy has been drawn up within the context of:

Safe Disposal of Records

Where paper records have been identified for destruction they should be disposed of in an appropriate way. All staff records, or sensitive policy information, should be shredded before disposal with a cross cut shredder. All other paper records should be bundled up and disposed of, to a waste paper merchant. Do not put records in the dustbin or a skip.

There are companies who can provide confidential waste bins and other services which can be purchased to ensure records are disposed of in an appropriate way.

Any electronic records that are due to be disposed of in line with this policy, will be deleted permanently and confidentially from all systems when it is appropriate to do so.

Retention Guidelines

Some of the following retention guidelines are governed by statute. Others are guidelines following best practice. Every effort has been made to ensure these retention periods are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and other regulatory requirements. Managing these retention guidelines will be deemed to be ‘normal processing’ under this legislation.

Data Retention Schedule

Please refer to the Data Retention Schedule for more information or specific timescales regarding the retaining of personal data.