Health and Safety Policy

At Aggregates r us we take our responsibility towards health and safety issues very seriously, we take all the necessary steps to achieving a safe and manageable work environment for all our staff.

Reporting accidents and ill health at work is essential in identifying where and how risks arise, and to investigate serious accidents. We can then help to reduce injury, and ill health in the workplace.

Here is a list of our key health and safety topics that we must consider and take responsibility for within our business operations.

Safety topics

Slips, trips and falls - Assessing, eliminating and controlling the risks of slips, trips and falls is imperative on all sites at Aggregates r us. Working at height – Correct control measures for working at height, also working at ground level, using towers, scaffolds, platforms and ladders is of key importance to us.

Structural stability - Assessing the risks and preventing unintentional structural collapse during alterations, demolition and dismantling; and the measuring we need to take to prevent accidents in excavating.

Cranes - All lifting operations involving lifting equipment are properly planned by a competent person; appropriately supervised; and carried out in a safe manner.

Electricity - Working safely with power supplies and electrical equipment; map overhead power lines and underground cables to prevent accidental contact with machinery and vehicles.

Fire - Identifying the risks of fire; controlling combustible materials and ignition sources; and making it clear exactly what to do if a fire does break out.

Mobile plant and vehicles - Assessing the risks, establishing competence to operate and control access to excavators, mobile work platforms, dumpers and road vehicles.

Demolition - All demolition, dismantling and structural alteration is carefully planned and carried out by competent practitioners.

Health topics

Waste and Asbestos - Identifying asbestos risks, disposing of waste safely and legally, and training workers in safe handling of waste is key to Aggregates r us.

Manual handling - If at Aggregates r us we cannot avoid manual handling tasks, we then assess the risks carefully and provide information about the size and distribution of the load.

Respiratory disease - We also reduce workers’ exposure to substances that cause respiratory disease or breathing difficulty. Noise - How to avoid, eliminate and reduce noise at work and, if we cannot avoid noise, offering our workers hearing protection is a healthy alternative we use at Aggregates r us.

Hand-arm vibration - By assessing the risk of injury from vibrating power tools we can then take positive action towards eliminating the risk or reducing it to a lower level.